About Us

According to the April 2012 Memorandum of Agreement, DOE, DOI, and EPA will develop a multiagency research plan to address the highest priority research questions associated with the safe and prudent development of unconventional shale gas and tight oil resources. This program will focus on the timely, policy-relevant science directed to research topics where collaboration among the three Agencies can be most effectively and efficiently conducted, and providing results and identifying technologies that support sound policy decisions to ensure the prudent development of energy sources while protecting human health and the environment.

The Steering Committee guides policy decisions, while the Executive Committee meets bi-weekly to coordinate on program, budget, and outreach management. The Technical Subcommittee includes subject matter experts from the three Agencies, as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Agency Core Research Competencies



 Steering Committee Members

  • Guido DeHoratiis, Acting Chair/Policy Principal (DOE)
  • Teresa Marks, Policy Principal (EPA)
  • Camille Touton, Acting Policy Principal (DOI)

Executive Committee Members

  • Guido DeHoratiis, Chair/Technical Principal (DOE)
  • Dan Hayba, Technical Principal (DOI/USGS)
  • Kevin Teichman, Technical Principal (EPA)
  • Jerad Bales, DOI (USGS)
  • Ray Boswell, DOE
  • Margaret Coleman, DOE
  • Alexandra Hakala, DOE (NETL)
  • Mary Hanley, EPA
  • Marni Lenahan, DOE
  • Elena Melchert, DOE
  • Olayinka Ogunsola, DOE
  • William Lukas, DOI (USGS)
  • Vivian Nolan, DOI (USGS)
  • Larke Williams, EPA
  • Paul Young, DOI (USGS)
  • Karen Zackschewski, DOI (USGS)

Technical Subcommittee Members

  • Jerad Bales, DOI (USGS)
  • William Bates, EPA
  • April Bennett, NIH
  • Ray Boswell, DOE (NETL
  • Sally Brady, DOI (USGS)
  • Grant Bromhal, DOE (NETL)
  • Lyle Burgoon, EPA
  • Dustin Crandall, DOE (NETL)
  • Doug Duncan, DOI (USGS)
  • Mike Focazio, DOI (USGS)
  • Tina Forrester, HHS (CDC/ATSDR)
  • Jeff Frithsen, EPA
  • Andrew Gillespie, EPA
  • Brian Gullett, EPA
  • Scot Hagerthey, EPA
  • Richard Hammack, DOE (NETL)
  • Max Kiefer, CDC
  • Margaret Kitt, HHS (CDC/NIOSH)
  • Stephen LeDuc, EPA
  • William Lellis, DOI (USGS)
  • Marni Lenahan, DOE
  • William Lukas, DOI (USGS)
  • Arthur McGarr, DOI (USGS)
  • Elena Melchert, DOE
  • Andy Miller, EPA
  • Aubrey Miller, HHS (NIH/NIEHS)
  • Vivian Nolan, DOI (USGS)
  • Susan Norton, EPA
  • Olayinka Ogunsola, DOE
  • Andrea Ostroff, DOI (USGS)
  • Natalie Pekney, DOE (NETL)
  • Judith Qualters, CDC
  • Dan Soeder, DOE (NETL)
  • Kevin Teichman, EPA
  • John Vimont, DOI (NPS)
  • Larke Williams, EPA